Optical Metrology

Optical Metrology at Reva Phoenix Labs & Consultants Pvt. Ltd has the scope for calibration of lux and light meters. Our optical Metrology is equipped with 3 meters test bench setup to cover the entire range of lux / light / illuminance meter calibration.

Whether you work with sodium, tungsten, mercury of florescent lightening, when it comes to light meter calibration, you can rest assured that our team of highly trained Engineers will calibrate your equipment with the highest level of precision.

We have the capability to calibrate lux / light meters up to 2 lakh lux using V(λ) & cosine corrected photometers, with detector based photometry calibration gives accurate results.

We also offer calibration for luminous intensity on light source for up to 1200 candela

Our Optical calibration – capability:

  • Lux Meter | Light Meter | Illuminance Meter (0.0001 lux to 2,00,000 lux)
  • Luminance intensity of light source (1 cd to 1200 cd)


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